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Here is another lockdown recording! This time Iwan Owen and I came together to perform Chanson d'Amour by Fauré. It was his 175th birthday yesterday, so here is a little tribute to him. The song describes how in love the singer is with their beloved. They explain how perfect they are, from their eyes to their feet! ✨💕🌟

Previous 'Lockdown Recordings'

WEEK 2  |  Iwan and I decided to perform an English song by Muriel Herbert. The poem was written by Irishman, W.B Yeats. The poetry is slightly fitting for our current situation, as it talks of someone living in the city and longing to be in the countryside with the honeybees and crickets!

WEEK 1  |  Iwan Owen and I came together to create a lockdown recording of 'Die Stille Lotosblume' by Clara Schumann! The song is about a lotus flower that blooms in a blue lake. A swan is swimming by and notices the flower's beauty and sings its swan song. The poet then goes on to ask the lotus flower, what does the swan's sad but beautiful song really mean? We will be doing more of these lockdown recordings and releasing them every week!

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